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Workshops and training Events

Dr. Nenna Ndukwe has implemented training events at different sites and she participated in the development of numerous workshops and events to coach individuals & organizations to achieve their individual and professional goals.    

Here are a few links of what Dr. Nenna Dukwe has presented;

California Counseling Pte.  Ltd. provides the following workshops that can be tailored to suit the needs of individuals and organizations. Dr. Nenna Ndukwe will be happy to assist in providing more details about the courses below as well as other topics.

Training Catalogue March 2015

Corporate Workshops:

1. Using Transactional Analysis to Improve Communication in the Workplace

2. Using Psychology to Improve Relationships and Performance in Organizations

3. Understanding Psychometric Assessments and Testing

4. The Psychology of a Good Leader

5. Stress and Anxiety Management for High Performing Executives 

6. Mastering the Art of Public Speaking

7. Understanding Group Dynamics & Systems

Mental Health Workshops:

1. Building a Healthy Self esteem

2. Stress Management

3. Anxiety Management

4. The Fine Line between Low Mood and Depression:  Strategies for Managing Distress

5. Eating Disorders and Self Harm: Managing Risk

6. Suicide and Self Harm Risk Assessment

7. Managing Suicide Risk in Children & Adolescents

8. Understanding and Managing Psychosomatic Complaints

9. Understanding and Managing the Impact of Chronic Physical Conditions on Mental Health

Child and Family Focused Workshops:

1. Helping Children to Manage their Worries & Concerns

2. The Value of Attachment in Improving Child & Adolescent Development

3. Improving Parenting by Learning about Attachment

4. Psychological Adjustment and Expatriation

5. Psychosocial Aspects of Parenting Children with Allergies

6. Managing the Emotional Impact of Living with a Chronic Physical Health Condition

7. Understanding and Management of Persistent School Refusal

Workshops for Clinicians

1. Improving Skills in Constructing a Case Conceptualization/Formulation to Target the needs of Clients

2. Psychological Report Writing

3. Learning the Art of Clinical Supervision from Different Perspectives

4. Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Basic and Advanced Skills

5. Insights into Psychodynamic Therapy

6. Insights into Family Therapy for Child & Adolescent Focused Problems

7. Professional Ethics and Legal Aspects of Clinical Practice

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“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”  - Benjamin Franklin

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